Root/Default MySQL password for Plesk

Plesk disables the MySQL user “root”. Instead, use the same “admin” user and pass as your Plesk account. Courtesy of this forum post.


Modifing the Plesk login page (removing Virtuozzo ad, changing ‘login to plesk’ text)

Let’s disable/remove the Virtuozzo promo/ad on the Plesk login page.

Via the anonymous blogger over at (seriously, I couldn’t find any identifying info on the site) I now know how to remove the hideous Virtuozzo ad that appears on the login page of Plesk.


To disable the promo, edit the lanuage (sic) file, located here:


Search for the following string:


To clarify a few things:

  1. That’s two underscores (__) in “virtuozzo__promotion”
  2. You’ll be setting the value of “virtuozzo__promotion_top” to empty single quotes. So the final line would look like this:
    'ui__promotion/virtuozzo__promotion_top' => '',

While in there, I discovered you can change the “Login to Plesk 8.2.1” (or whatever your version is) text that appears on the login page from this same file. I’m speaking of the text that appears above the login boxes, near the icon of the keys. Search for “login_up__login_label_plesk” and change the value to whatever text you like. The final product looks like this on my server:

Modified Plesk Login Page

Bye bye ugly SWSoft promo text! Thank you mysterious stranger at!

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View users connected to your AFP shares

First, thank you Mac Geekery for finding the solution to my query. Second, is this really the only way to view connected users? Installing two separate pieces of shareware just to see who’s connected to my machine? Lame.

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Canon PowerShot videos crashing everything

Some AVI videos were crashing everything on my Mac that tried to view them (Quicktime, Adobe Bridge, to name two). The videos came from my Canon PowerShot camera; model A610 to be exact. [Side note: I love my camera. Thank you Canon for making such an awesome machine!]

After some investigation it turned out to be a codec installed in the /Library/QuickTime directory that was causing all the problems. So I made a directory called “dead” in the /Library/QuickTime dir and moved the trouble codec file there. Now everything has been working fabulously. The trouble file is called “AviImporter-r7 (Intel).component”.


I got a Mac!

I finally purchased a Mac. I got it way back before xmas (about 3.5 months ago) but am only posting about it now because I’ve been too busy loving it 🙂 I have long desired a Mac since I learned OS X was basically the stability and coolness of unix with the awesome GUI of a Mac. I was going to get a MacMini in an effort to save some cash, but I changed my mind and got a MacBook instead. The stats:

  • MacBook with OS X Tiger (10.4.8)
  • 2.0 Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 80 GB HD
  • SuperDrive
  • And the rest of the standard stuff: wifi, bluetooth, gigabit ethernet, etc.

I also purchased a ViewSonic VX2035wm 20.1″ wide screen LCD monitor. Running in a dual monitor setup with the laptop screen. I’m in heaven. I’m slowly trying to transition the Mac as my primary machine/platform. I’m loving it so far. I even did some unix “hacking” the first day I got it. I was able to give my Palm TX internet access via a bluetooth connection to the Mac. Nerd attack.

Here’s a photo of my current setup:

Three monitor setup

Left to right: ViewSonic GS790 monitor plugged into my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop (not pictured) running XP, the new 20 inch LCD, the MacBook on the right. They’re all sharing a single Microsoft keyboard and mouse thanks to the jaw dropping power of FOSS Synergy.

I can’t praise Synergy enough. You hook your keyboard and mouse up to a single computer, then install the Synergy client software on each computer you want to share the keyboard and mouse with. Then little elves and wizards crawl inside your computers and start casting spells. At least that’s how I think it works because it looks like magic to me. Watch in amazement as you drag your mouse from one screen to the next jumping from XP to Mac and back again. Amazing.

I’m loving OS X so much that after about only 2 months of using my Mac, I bought my wife a MacMini for Valentine’s day. It replaced her ailing generic beige box PC. What better way to say “I love you” than with a computer running OS X?

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