Modifing the Plesk login page (removing Virtuozzo ad, changing ‘login to plesk’ text)

Let’s disable/remove the Virtuozzo promo/ad on the Plesk login page.

Via the anonymous blogger over at (seriously, I couldn’t find any identifying info on the site) I now know how to remove the hideous Virtuozzo ad that appears on the login page of Plesk.


To disable the promo, edit the lanuage (sic) file, located here:


Search for the following string:


To clarify a few things:

  1. That’s two underscores (__) in “virtuozzo__promotion”
  2. You’ll be setting the value of “virtuozzo__promotion_top” to empty single quotes. So the final line would look like this:
    'ui__promotion/virtuozzo__promotion_top' => '',

While in there, I discovered you can change the “Login to Plesk 8.2.1” (or whatever your version is) text that appears on the login page from this same file. I’m speaking of the text that appears above the login boxes, near the icon of the keys. Search for “login_up__login_label_plesk” and change the value to whatever text you like. The final product looks like this on my server:

Modified Plesk Login Page

Bye bye ugly SWSoft promo text! Thank you mysterious stranger at!

Author: Joel Mama

I own a Web development company in Portland, OR called Prise Design Group (PDG for short).

One thought on “Modifing the Plesk login page (removing Virtuozzo ad, changing ‘login to plesk’ text)”

  1. Thanks for the help on the
    ‘ui__promotion/virtuozzo__promotion_top’ => ”,

    I accidentally jacked that file up and this line saved my bacon.

    Keep up the good work!

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