View users connected to your AFP shares

First, thank you Mac Geekery for finding the solution to my query. Second, is this really the only way to view connected users? Installing two separate pieces of shareware just to see who’s connected to my machine? Lame.

Author: Joel Mama

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One thought on “View users connected to your AFP shares”

  1. What about the other option mentioned at the bottom of this (2004!) article in the section called “Who’s Connected?”? I haven’t tried this, but sounds good:
    “If you use OS X’s Windows File Sharing, you can get similar functionality from Frederic Bell’s useful (not to mention free) xSMB 0.4 (; xSMB doesn’t give you the same graphical display as AFS Monitor, but it does indicate, in the menu bar, the number of users currently connected to your Mac. You click on the menu to display the details — each connected user’s name and IP address and the shared folders they’re accessing. (Bell also offers a similar menu utility for Personal File Sharing; it’s called xAFP.)” (“xSMB” and “xAFP” freeware)

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