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Welcome to my New Year’s resolution for 2006: this blog. Allow me to explain…

Every so often (ok, more than I’d like to admit) I run into a tech/webdev/computer/geek problem and I can’t figure it out. I’ll be running around in circles for 30 minutes, pulling out what little hair I have left, trying various non-fixes. Then I hit google and find someone’s tech blog on the first page of results with the answer right there, staring me in the face in all it’s glory.

It’s these sites that for which I’m always so grateful. Someone had the forethought to document their trails and tribulations and the fix they found because they thought “This sucked. I’d like to prevent someone else from going through what I just went through to find the answer.”

I myself have been on the other side of things as well. I hit google, tried 50 different search terms, and still couldn’t find an answer. So then I spend 5 hours trying everything I can and then, holy crap, I find the answer! As a New Year’s resolution, I wanted to give back to the geek community of which I’ve taken so much from by posting my fixes to various problems. I want others to benefit from my pain and suffering just like I have theirs. I hope I can accomplish that on some level.

So there you have it, my New Year’s resolution. I encourage you, the reader, to post comments or contact me if you have more helpful information you think others will benefit from, or improvements on what I posted.

Thank you,

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