Host search concluded, the winner: Knownhost

A while back, I about Plesk and http.include. I casually mentioned my hoster, but I then realized I never really made an announcement that I have in fact concluded my search and decided on a host.

I decided on a company called Knownhost. So far, so good. Actually so far, so great.

I chose them for a few reasons (in order):

  1. Seemed to have good support
  2. True root access in a true VPS environment
  3. Good price
  4. Plesk control panel (although you can pick from many others)
  5. Ready to go servers (no installation of other software required)

I’m a big fan of the Web Hosting Talk forums. I cruised those for a few days reading various posts about VPS hosters. Knownhost personal have a pretty good presence on those forums. They answer various questions about tech and linux stuff, rarely (if ever) pushing their own company. I liked what I was reading.

They are a young company. I vaguely remember that they formed in 2005, although I could be wrong. In the age of come-and-go hosting companies, I was not fond of this fact. In an email to support, a gentlemen by the name of Jay responded “We are a new brand but have been in the industry for over 15 yrs …” I took a gamble and signed up with them knowing I could exercise the 30 day money back guarentee if need be.

Now check this out: I signed up around 9pm pacific time. I received a phone call roughly 10 minutes later from Knownhost with a question about my credit card (I put in the wrong billing address). I was impressed. We got the address corrected and I was up and running shortly. Some people may think that sounds weird for a hoster to call past 9pm … but I say it’s smart as I was obviously up and had just placed the order.

Over the months I’ve had a technical question or two and they’ve always answered them promptly and politely. I usually get a response in under 30 minutes. Nice!

From a technical standpoint, everything has been running very smoothly. I have yet to experience any down time in the roughly year and a half I’ve used them. To be clear, that’s ZERO (0) down time.

I would confidently recommend them to others seeking a quality VPS.

Author: Joel Mama

I own a Web development company in Portland, OR called Prise Design Group (PDG for short).

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