Decided against WestHost, looking at TekTonic

So I signed up with WestHost, but I’ve decided against them. Of course I slacked and didn’t decide this within the 30 day money back guarantee time frame. Oh well, I only signed up for 3 months so not a huge loss.

The reason I decided against them is that I found a post on their forum saying that they have no package management for their VPS servers whatsoever. Ugh. I’m too much of a novice to not have an RPM or apt-get app. Also, WestHost does not provide root access. They have “near-root” but that sounds like “kinda pregnant” and “sort-of dead” to me. Oh, and WestHost’s “backup” is simply you clicking a button on their Web control panel and downloading the tarball it gives you. I’m not impressed.

I was looking at unixshell again which I mentioned in a previous post. After reading their history a bit, I saw that they are a spinoff of which is a more user-friendly and supported VPS product. I’m currently sending emails back and forth with them to see if they are a viable solution. I’m intrigued because they have:

  • True root access in a true VPS environment
  • Awesome snap-shot stuff, rebooting takes seconds
  • They backup every day and keep the last 7 days worth of backups. Restores are free
  • DirectAdmin . I’m not super familiar with it, but anything would be better than ugly-ass cPanel.
  • Virtuozzo seems like a cool VPS product. You can perform a manual backup of your VPS whenever you want which is nice.

To be continued…

Author: Joel Mama

I own a Web development company in Portland, OR called Prise Design Group (PDG for short).

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