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View users connected to your AFP shares

First, thank you Mac Geekery for finding the solution to my query. Second, is this really the only way to view connected users? Installing two separate pieces of shareware just to see who’s connected to my machine? Lame.

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Canon PowerShot videos crashing everything

Some AVI videos were crashing everything on my Mac that tried to view them (Quicktime, Adobe Bridge, to name two). The videos came from my Canon PowerShot camera; model A610 to be exact. [Side note: I love my camera. Thank you Canon for making such an awesome machine!]

After some investigation it turned out to be a codec installed in the /Library/QuickTime directory that was causing all the problems. So I made a directory called “dead” in the /Library/QuickTime dir and moved the trouble codec file there. Now everything has been working fabulously. The trouble file is called “AviImporter-r7 (Intel).component”.